Xenotech is a general term that refers to anything that uses alien technology. In the world of Fuse, this almost always refers to weapons that incorporate Fuse in its design. The most well-known Xenotech Weapons are the ones that Overstrike 9 picked up in Hyperion Base.

Examples of XenotechEdit

Overstrike 9 Easily the most profilic Xenotech Weapons are the ones utilized by Overstrike 9, which are picked up during a mission to Hyperion Base.

  • Dalton acquired the Magshield. The Magshield mixes Fuse with Ferrofluid to create a large shield that catches bullets and fires energy blasts.
  • Jacob gets Arcshot, a crossbow that uses Mercury and Fuse to fire molten bolts that pin enemies to walls.
  • Izzy recieves the Shattergun. A type of shotgun, the Scattergun mixes Fuse and Melanite to encase enemies in a living crystal that rapidly encases enemies.


At the same time as Overstrike 9's infiltration of Hyperion Base, Raven stole Xenotech data, research and prototypes. The results of this began to show themselves quickly; when the Overstrike 9 team were escaping the Triton Outpost, they encountered Infiltrators that were able to turn invisible using Xenotech similar to the secondary function of the Warp Rifle. At Sheng Island, Raven had prepared to launch a missile that contained a Fuse warhead that was capable of obliterating human material whilst leaving everything else, such as buildings, in tact. Overstrike 9 encountered another of Raven's Fuse experiments in the Karakoram Mountains: the Maelstrom, where Fuse was used to solve the issue of it needing too much power. The final use of Fuse was seen when Overstrike 9 infiltrated the Jodhpur Stronghold, where they encountered Riot Troops using Magshields.