For the character, see William Fable.


Jodhpur Stronghold


Family Reunion


After emerging from the elevator, you'll be in a massive firefight with Foot Soldiers, Riot Troops, and a turret. Take them all out and enter the next building. Inside, you'll spot an jammed door to the left. Pry it open to find it on the floor inside.




Order of Grigori

William Fable is one of the intel found in Jodhpur Stronghold. It is a biography and background of William Fable.

Intel DocumentEdit

Intelligence Case 051003: Fable, William

Subject Status: Active

Directive: Manipulate

When William Fable (R-NY) came to us last year, we were understandably skeptical. Though Raven has employed numerous assets inside the U.S. government throughout the years, Fable hardly seemed like the treasonous type. Yet despite the professional leaps he made during his short career, he appeared dissatisfied with his work. He voiced irritation with both his constituents and those on Capital Hill, likening his duties to "pushing sand against the tide.'

Fable told us that as Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, he had learned of a classified research facility in Nevada known as Hyperion. On paper it was funded by the Department of Energy, but upon closer scrutiny he discovered that the money came from a slush fund controlled by Donald Winniker, a known C.I.A. operative. When Fable discovered the presence of Fuse, he contacted use with a full plan for stealing, containing, and weaponizing it. All he asked for in return was a hundred and fifty million dollars, plus relocation and protection from American forces.

Our group has investigated William Fable and found him to be relatively harmless. It should be easy for Raven Captains to control and manipulate him until such time as he is no longer needed. Once we have the Fuse, our recommendation is to terminate him rather than pay up.