- Raven

- Fable's Faction


Aerial assault aircraft


- One frontal belly-mounted 3-barreled mini-gun

- Two back-mounted missile launchers


1 pilot/gunner

Armor (Health)


The Whistler is an enemy aircraft appearing in Fuse. It is first encountered at Sheng Island.


Always in constant motion, Whistlers like to focus their mini-guns on one target at a time before switching to another and are often hard to shoot at, especially if you're the one they're mainly targeting. They can launch a flurry of missiles in two different areas, by emitting two red-colored targeting lasers from its yellow/orange-colored sensors above their mini-guns, at their specific targets. These missiles can also inflict serious damage (depending on difficulty settings) as well and should be avoided at all costs. One interesting note is that even with the sensor destroyed, a Whistler can still launch its missiles as if the sensor was never touched.


Because the missile launchers need to lock onto their targets first, they are easy to avoid unless you're in a small area and/or cornered on the battlefield. Since they like to focus their gunfire on a single target, you can take advantage of that flaw and concentrate your fire on either one of its two lower wings, which has their own health bar along with the sensor mentioned in the previous section. You should primarily focus your fire on the lower wings, since destroying both of them also destroys the Whistler as well, although most players would target the sensor, due to the fact that: it's the largest, as well as the easiest, target to shoot at and destroying the sensor would score you some points, as well as leaving the Whistler slightly disoriented. 


  • The Whistler, most likely, got its name from the sound that it makes when it locked onto its target(s) before launching its missiles.
  • While Mao's Whistler was green-colored, all of the Whistlers seen afterwards were colored white.

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