Spec Ops
Fuse Spec-Ops
Health Raven Spec Op (120)

Grigori Spec Op (180)

Weak Spot Head
Best Agent Jacob
Worst Agent Dalton
Spec Ops are enemies appearing in Fuse. They are first encountered at Sheng Island.


Spec Ops are dressed in similar armor to Snipers. They have jet packs and can cover terrain just as quickly as Snipers. These troops have the potiential to take out your allies at close range; instead of using the jets to stay away from the agents, they use the jets to close the distance. Spec Ops units try to fly into your group, circumvent cover, and attack with a melee grapple.

Immediately melee Spec Ops troops that get on top of your allies, or shoot them if the targets are farther away. This saves your ally and prevents them from being automatically killed and the end of the grappling period.


Weapon Weapon Effectiveness Tactic
Arcshot High Shoot Spec Ops out of the air when you can. They take extra damage when attacked while flying, so you don't even need headshots to be effective.
Daybreaker Moderate It's hard to headshot Spec Ops because they're often on the move, but that is the best way to kill them quickly.
Dragonfly Low Use weapons with more burst damage to kill Spec Ops before they kill your agent.
Grenades Very Low Spec Ops are mobile and often work alone. They're not good canidates for grenade work.
Guardian High Guardian attacks have high burst damage at close range, so they take out Spec Ops quickly when they're about to jump on your agent.
Harbinger Moderate While ineffective at close range, the Harbinger can snipe Spec Ops out of the air. Kill Spec Ops while they're approaching, but switch to a different weapon for close-quarters combat if you miss any of the enemies.
Magshield Moderate Though a drain on ammo, a fast Shield Blast cna kill any Spec Ops that try to fly into your party.
Prowler Very High Wait until Spec Ops are close, and then unload on them.
Savager Low Spec Ops often get to leap onto you before you finish them off unless you start attacking when they're at long range.
Shattergun High Spec Ops don't take too long to crystallize or kill when they get close to your team.
Warp Rifle Moderate Spec Ops, like Snipers, are often on their own. AIm for their heads and kill them when you need to.
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