Health Raven Soldier (100)

Grigori Soldier (150)

Weak Spot Head
Best Agent Any
Worst Agent None
Soldiers are enemies appearing in Fuse. They are first encountered at Hyperion Base.


Basic Raven foot Soldiers are a dime a dozen. They're decently trained and well-armed, but your agents have even more experience.

The primary threat from regular Soldiers is that they show up in large numbers. Counter them with grenades, Izzy's Shattergun, Naya's Warp Rifle, and Jacob's energized bolts. 

Headshots do much more damage against Soldiers. Aim for the upper chest initially to start damaging your targets, and guide your cursor up gently while firing so your shots line up with their heads. Headshot kills are worth more experience, so you kill enemies quickly and are rewarded for your precision.

Grigori Soldiers have green-tinged armor and are harder to kill. Though they have more health, you don't need to learn new tactics. They're still deployed in squads to attack your agents with small arms and grenades.


Weapon Weapon Effectiveness Tactic
Arcshot Very High Aim for the head and get fast kills without wasting ammo.
Daybreaker High Daybreaker's precision and good scope make it a fine weapon for headshots.
Dragonfly Moderate The Dragonfly kills individual targets decently at close range. It's hard to get headshots, so just try to keep the weapon under control.
Grenades High Throw grenades into the middle of enemy groups for quick kills.
Guardian High If you're good at headshots, this makes an effective short-range weapon for killing soldiers. Aim well, or use short bursts into the body.
Harbinger Moderate Harbinger is moderate with body shots, but very high with headshots versus any human-sized enemy. It's low magazine capacity makes it worthless to rely on, so you have to make every shot count.
Magshield High Use the shield to protect against normal soldier weaponry, and use the Shield Blast to eliminate large clusters of troops at close range.
Prowler High Blast soldiers at close range for instant kills.
Savager Moderate Savager attacks don't deal that much damage, so it takes a little time to eliminate groups of soldiers.
Shattergun Very High Izzy crystalizes large groups quickly, leaving them highly vulnerable to additional attacks.
Warp Rifle Very High Use chains of Warp Explosions to kill entire teams of soldiers. Wound one or two targets, and then kill them with your Warp Rifle to start the chain reaction.
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