Health Raven Sniper (80)

Elite Raven Sniper (80)

Grigori Sniper (120)

Weak Spot Head
Best Agent Jacob
Worst Agent Dalton
Snipers are enemies appearing in Fuse. They are first encountered at Hyperion Base.


Snipers are troublesome. At long range, they have rifles with accurate laser sights. They deal good damage with each shot, and they never miss. Take cover and move behind obstacles to break their line of sight. Then, take down one Sniper at a time until the area is clear.

This is easy enough when there are Snipers on only one side of a room. It gets much harder if the Snipers manage to outflank your party. When that happens, immediately turn on the Snipers that have line of sight on your allies still under cover. Take any opportunity to kill these Snipers, because they'll eliminate your entire team if you don't down them quickly.

Snipers can use jet packs to cross large distances quickly. Watch Snipers carefully to see where they're jumping so you know where to shoot.

Another way to find Snipers is to trace their laser sights back to their source. If you see a laser panning around the room, visually track it back until you see the Sniper. Aim for his head and take him out as soon as possible.

Jacob is the best anti-Sniper on the team. His Arcshot has the range and accuracy to get the job done right. He can kill Snipers in a single headshot, and his body blows stagger the victims enough to grant him time to finish them. That's not so for Naya and Izzy. They can kill Snipers too, but it takes longer and gives the Snipers a chance to shoot back.

Dalton's job is to shield the team while they're counter-sniping. Sniper attacks stagger your agents, and needing to go in and out of cover makes it harder to line up your attacks. Stay behind Dalton's shield so you can shoot safely and efficiently.


Weapon Weapon Effectiveness Tactic
Arcshot Very High Arcshot attacks are ideal for long-range countersniping. Aim for the head and stay behind cover.
Daybreaker High Zoom in all the way to countersnipe, and use cover to break the line of sight between your attacks.
Dragonfly Very Low The Dragonfly doesn't have enough accuracy to be effective against Snipers.
Grenades Very Low Snipers are usually too far away to attack with grenades.
Guardian Very Low Snipers are usually too far away to wound effectively.
Harbinger Very High The Harbinger kills Snipers almost as well as the Arcshot. Aim for headshots and take them down.
Magshield Moderate Dalton's deployable shield is a useful tactic because you can stand up and take aim at Snipers while they hit the shield.
Prowler Very Low Snipers are usually too far away to wound effectively.
Savager Low You have to fire for a long time to kill Snipers. It's doable, but not ideal.
Shattergun Moderate The Shattergun isn't that good at long-range fire, so it's tepid against Snipers.
Warp Rifle Moderate Snipers are solo killers, so the Warp Rifle doesn't have any great benefits against them. But, bursts of fire can kill individual Snipers when needed.


  • During the first half of the game Snipers use Harbingers, then they switch to Arcshots in the second half.
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