Primary Attack Shatter Rounds
Secondary Skill Med Beacon
Damage +4.6 Damage
Fuse Capacity 325
Appears In Fuse
The Shattergun is a Xenotech weapon used by Isabelle Sinclair.

This Xenotech weapon uses compressed melanite rounds augmented with Fuse to encase enemies in living crystal. A secondary fire deploys a Med Beacon that heals agents in battle. 

It's a slighty weaker weapon against single opponents, but is effective against groups of enemies. The Shattergun encases its enemies over time. The more you attack a specific enemy, the closer they come to being fully encased. Once this happens, the victim rises off the floor and is covered in a dark rock. This effect also spreads out to hit nearby enemies, freezing them in place.

This is helpful for two reasons. First, your enemies won't be able to attack until they break out of the melanite, and that takes a fair amount of time. Second, your team gets bonus experience for killing enemies that are frozen.

Use the Shattergun to freeze clusters of enemies. It's even better than usual against Riot Troops. Stay behind cover, lock down the enemy group, and then help your comrades clean up the targets once they're frozen.

Heavier enemies are harder to freeze, but sustained fire against a Leadfoot can trigger the melanite reaction. This is tricky to pull off, so stay behind Dalton's shield and fire in long, heavy bursts. The more sustained fire, the better the chance that the Shattergun will work in your favor.

Izzy's secondary skill with the gun is a Med Beacon. Using the skill tosses a grenade-like device to the area that you're targeting. Med Beacons heal any of your allies that get close to it, and they automatically revive if they fall inside its area of effect or are able to crawl there after going down.

When allies get taken out in the middle of a room, throw the Med Beacon onto them so you don't have to rush into enemy fire to save them. Izzy gets experience when her Med Beacon revives a target, so she doesn't lose anything by relying on the Med Beacon to do all the hard work.

In addition, Izzy learns a skill (Firearms Expert Lvl 1) that increases agent damage when they're in a Med Beacon's area of effect. Get this early in your career. It's a huge benefit to your team. When you're not reviving someone, drop the Med Beacon at Dalton's feet and have everyone standing near him get the damage boost. This encourages the team to fire through Dalton's shield; it's a good habit to get into.

Additional DetailsEdit

Several weapon skins are available in the Campaign and Echelon for the Shattergun. All of which can be purchased with Fuse Credits.

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