Health 1
Weak Spot Anywhere
Best Agent Jacob
Worst Agent Dalton
Seekers are enemies appearing in Fuse. They are first encountered at Hyperion Base.


Seekers are small, crawling droids that race after agents. If they get into close range, Seekers detonate, dealing a huge amount of damage to anything nearby and possibly taking out one or more agents. It's imperative that you kill Seekers at range, or at least finish them off before they leap into the air to explode.

Seekers can crawl on floors, walls, and ceilings. They're able to hop over barriers as well, so cover isn't that useful against them. Fast-firing ranged weapons are your best counter to a Seeker rush. These droids attack in large groups, so if you see one or two, expect there to be many more in the near future.

Jacob is especially good at killing Seekers. If he has his Arcshot out, energized bolts near the Seeker party can eliminate several at once. If you want to save Xenotech ammo, his default primary firearm his good at killing Seekers quickly and with high precision.

Naya and Izzy should use their Xenotech weapons against Seekers; both of these agents have primary firearms that are too slow to hold back the horde.

Dalton's best defense is to deploy his secondary shield and then switch to his firearms. The secondary shield protects the group from ranged fire by any Raven troops in the area, and it leaves Dalton free to engage the Seekers with his guns.

As a last resort, you can kill a single Seeker that gets close to your character with a melee attack. Don't risk this often, but if you're out of better options this is a somewhat effective maneuver.

When you hear the whine of a Seeker that's about to detonate, always roll away from it and hope for the best. You can take less damage if you get away from the droid, so even a few extra feet can make the difference between life and death.


Weapon Weapon Effectiveness Tactic
Arcshot Low Seekers take too much ammo. Switch to a firearm.
Daybreaker High Each burst takes down a Seeker. 
Dragonfly Very High Spray down entire groups of Seekers for easy kills, and save your ammo with other weapons for more dangerous targets.
Grenades Very Low Seekers move quickly and come from multiple directions. Don't waste grenades on them.
Guardian Moderate Guardian's don't have large enough magazines to handle Seeker rushes. Fully automatic weapons with larger magazines are much safer to use.
Harbinger Very Low Use a weapon with a higher firing rate to kill Seekers.
Magshield Very Low Seekers come in long waves, but they're strung out over a wide area. Shield Blasts won't rip through many of them, so it's overkill to use these heavy attacks. Stick to secondary firearms. Dropping a shield and using another weapon behind it can save you when one or two Seekers get through your shots.
Prowler Very Low Prowler's fire slowly and don't have much ammunition to spare. Use a fully automatic weapon against them.
Savager High The Savager's firing rate and large magazines make them superb Seeker killers. 
Shattergun Very High The Shattergun's high rate of fire and magazine capacity make it an excellent weapon to counter Seeker rushes.
Warp Rifle High Very short bursts of Warp Rifle fire kill Seekers with ease.
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