Weapon Type Assault Rifle
Firing Mode Fully Automatic
Damage +5.7 Damage
Magazine Size 80, 104 (upgraded)
Total Ammo Capacity 320 Bullets
Appears In Fuse
The Savager is an Assault Rifle in Fuse.

It is a good all-purpose weapon for when the player wants to avoid wasting Fuse from their Xenotech Weapon. The Savager is a good weapon for Jacob because he lacks mid to close range abilities and has limited ammo with the Arcshot.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Early Savagers Comparison

The two Savager types as seen in the Blur Teaser.

The Savager appeared in the original Blur Teaser for Overstrike, and appeared in two varieties; one with a cap covering the top of the weapon and scope, and another without the cap that appears identical to its appearance in Fuse.