Riot Troops
Riot Troops
Health Raven Riot Troops (80)

Grigori Riot Troops (120)

Weak Spot Heads and Rear/Flanking Attacks
Best Agent Izzy
Worst Agent Dalton
Riot Troops are enemies appearing in Fuse. They are first encountered at the Triton Outpost.


Raven outfits some of its troops with heavy riot shields. These hi-tech devices can sustain impacts from a huge range of weaponry, including grenades. Attacking Riot Troops from the front is usually a losing proposition. However, there are many tricks you can use when facing them.

As Dalton, engage your shield so that the enemies can't shoot you as they approach. When they get close enough, toss a grenade behind them. If they don't turn around, they'll die. If they do turn, shoot them. Another method is to circle around the Riot Troops. They'll be forced to either turn and fire at Dalton, who is safe behind his shield. Or, they'll expose their backs and can be easily killed.

For Jacob, Riot Troops are difficult early on. However, he quickly learns how to energize the bolts from his Arcshot. This attack has a wide area of effect. Once learned, Jacob can shoot behind a line of Riot Troops and then set off his bolts to liquify everyone. This damages the Riot Troops initially, and they drop their shields while the energy runs through them. Finish them off before they recover.

Once Naya learns how to cloak, Riot Troops pose little threat. Go invisible, run around behind a group of these enemies, and use the Warp Rifle to detonate an entire cluster of them.

Izzy's Shattergun can shatter Riot Troops even if she isn't hurting them. Izzy can take out groups of these enemies even by hitting them on their shields. Fire the Shattergun at the middle of the enemy group and wait for the shatter effect to crystallize evryone. Once that happens, you're free to kill all the targets with whatever weapons you want.

In later stages of the Campaign or Echelon, you face Riot Troops that use Magshields instead of physical ones. The energy shields cover a wider portion of the enemies' bodies, but the techniques to counter them are similar. Magshield Troops should still be outflanked or killed with Charge Bolts or grenades at their backs.


Weapon Weapon Effectiveness Tactic
Arcshot Very High Shoot Riot Troopsand tap Charge Bolts to detonate your bolts. This wounds the Riot Troops and causes them to lower their shields.
Daybreaker Low You have to outflank the Riot Troops before you can do anything to them with the Daybreaker.
Dragonfly Low Use a better weapon for burst damage when you outflank the Riot Troops. Otherwise, they turn around and negate your attack.
Grenades Very High Toss grenades behind Riot Troops. If they don't turn around, the grenades kill them. If they do turn, shoot them.
Guardian Low It's hard to outflank them, though the Guardian's high damage output makes it useful if you can get behind the Riot Troops.
Harbinger Very Low You're unlikely to be way behind a group of Riot Troops.
Magshield Very Low Riot Troops have strong shields and can survive a Shield Blast. Protec your allies and let them eliminate the Riot Troops.
Prowler High Outflank Riot Troops and attack them from the rear. They can't turn and protect themselves if they die in a single shot.
Savager Very Low You need more burst damage when you flank Riot Troops.
Shattergun Very High The Shattergun freezes Riot Troops even when you attack them from the front. This makes it easy to expose and eliminate them.
Warp Rifle High Cloak and get behind Riot Troops before you attack, and then start a chain reaction against them.


Despite wielding their own Magshields, Riot Troops are unable to release the same energy blast that Dalton's Magshield is capable of.

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