The Order of Grigori is a secret society formerly operated by Senator William Fable.


Sharing the same belief as his grandfather and his great grandfather, Fable saw failure in the planet. He thought mankind was ignorant and helpless, even after millions of years of evolution. Fable's grandfather and great grandfather tried to help humanity, but realized the only way to help was to take away humanity's free will. Fable's plan was to change human nature through fear.

Planning "The Event"Edit

Fable and his people planned an extinction event for close to a decade in hopes of ending global conflict. In order to put his plan into action, Fable contacted Raven, a para-military organization, and offered them a chance to steal Fuse from a top secret underground research facility known as Hyperion Base. To aid in the operation, Fable had aquired breakdowns on Hyperion personnel, studies on Fuse, and containment protocols. Knowing that he would ultimately betray Raven, Fable also aquired intelligence on Raven Captains. 

Carrying Out "The Event"Edit

After successfully ransacking Hyperion and allowing Raven to obtain Fuse, Raven then corrupted the Fuse per Fable's request. Playing along as Raven's ally, Fable and his men later managed to secure the Corrupted Fuse at a Raven Facility in the Karakoram Mountains. Not only did he succeed in obtaining the Corrupted Fuse, he also betrayed Raven and convinced half of the soldiers to join his cause. With everything falling into place, Fable launch Fuse-filled missiles at Munich, Germany to demonstrate to the world what will happen if they don't learn to coexist. The second part of the demonstration, to launch Fuse missiles at New York, was stopped by Overstrike 9. Overstrike 9 later destroys the rest of the Corrupted Fuse, and after a brief confrontation with Fable, managed to kill him and destroy the Grigori Station.

The AftermathEdit

Despite the death of William Fable and the destruction of the Corrupted Fuse, the Order of Grigori are still operating and are on the hunt for the rest of the Fuse.


Colsen Avionics - A company run by Fable's people, they designed the Icarus Spacesuit for deep-space extra-vehicular activity.