Raven Facility


No Honor Among Thieves


While approaching the power plant, you'll make a right through a chain link fence. Further right is a parked convoy truck next to a little building. Enter that building to find it on a countertop.




Overstrike 9


Intelligence Case 664329: Oculus

Subject Status: Unknown

Directive: Terminate on Sight

We have been investigating the operative known as "Oculus" for some time. We believe it may be this man (at right), though we have several aliases to go along with it. Some contacts have said his name is James Temple. Others insist his name is Peter Truman. Another name we've gotten is Lyndon Burgess, though at the time of this report, none of these names have been confirmed. We do know that whoever he is, he suffered some sort of injury that left him paralyzed below the waist and confined to a wheelchair. 

We believe Oculus was a member of the C.I.A.'s Praetorian Division. Praetorian disrupted our operation in Venezuela last year, and we know they had a field office in Paris around the time Dalton Brooks escaped the attempt on his life. Our theory is that Oculus recruits assests he used as a Praetorian agent to staff his own private contact teams, however we doubt any of these agents have ever met him in person. 

Oculus is extremely dangerous, and should be considered a priority target by all Raven personnel.