Naya Deveraux
Gender Female
Occupation Overstrike 9
Status Unknown
Appears In Fuse
Voice Actor Jennifer Hale

"We stopped being a team when you decided to partner up with psychopaths."
— Naya Deveraux

Naya Vanshi Deveraux is a member of the Overstrike 9 team and is one of the four main playable characters in Fuse.

Early LifeEdit

Naya Deveraux's lethal abilities came at a price. Raised in an affluent London home, Naya was a loner and had repeated altercations with fellow students. When her mother died, Naya became a full time protégé of her father Luther, a top assassin for hire. Naya earned her first kill at age 21 and the two worked closely for years. After Raven attempted to recruit both of them, Luther and Naya split ways. Following Naya's refusal to accept an assignment to terminate a young girl, Luther joined Raven and rapidly ascended while Naya joined Overstrike. Perhaps hoping that someday she could reconcile with her father. Her expert marksmanship and natural stealth instincts perfectly compliment the more brazen nature of her teammates.


Naya is equipped with the Warp Rifle which can make singularities that are similar to a black hole. It damages nearby enemies and can create a chain reaction of black holes. The only down side to this weapon is that if fired for too long, it will have a cool down period. She can also cloak herself and make her invisible to enemies and can easily take down an unexpected enemy. It can also be helpful for reviving teammates that have been taken down. The invisibility takes up some of the Warp Rifle's ammo, so one should be careful when using the cloaking ability. She is also initially equipped with a Dragonfly and Prowler.