Sheng Island


Matches and an Old Flame


After securing the submarine bay, your waypoint will be set above a small office. Enter that office to find it atop a desk inside.




Raven Leadership


Intelligence Case 568744: Mao, Meilin

Subject Status: Active

Directive: Psychiatric Review Pending

It is our team's official position that Captain Meilin Mao is a dangerous sociapath unfit for Raven leadership. During the course of our inquest she displayed a pervasive pattern of disregard for the rights and well-being of those in her employ. Our staff psychologist administered a comprehensive psych eval that suggests Captain Mao may suffer from Antisocial Personality Disorder. When he proceeded with the polygraph phase of the review, Captain Mao struck him in his windpipe and watched him suffocate to death. We found her with her hand to his chest, laughing about how she wanted to feel his heart stop beating. 

Few soldiers would speak to us on record regarding Captain Mao, but one anonymous soldier supported our suspicions regarding the incident at The Black Key Hotel. The soldier claims that he saw Dalton Brooks quit Raven upon discovering the bodies of the Almquist family. He further suggests it was Captain Mao, no Brooks, who stabbed them to death in cold blood. If true, this would certainly support our theory that Raven was manipulated into terminating him.

We have advised The Board to put Captain Mao on psychiatric leave under article 18119A of the Raven Code of Conduct. Once her operation on Sheng is complete, a tactical team will ecort her to the Triton Outpost to be kept under supervision until such time as she can be medicated and cleared for field duty.