Meilin Mao
Gender Female
Occupation Raven Division Leader
Status Deceased
Appears In Fuse
Voice Actor Gwendoline Yeo

"His heart is racing. Should we see what it looks like?"
— Meilin Mao

Meilin Mao is the secondary antagonist of Fuse.

Meilin runs a division of Raven, and was the former mentor of Dalton Brooks.


Meilin is a sociapath that suffers from Antisocial Personality Disorder. She is known to have violent behaviors around people, an example of this is when a psychologist examined her, she struck him in his wind pipe and laughed when his heart stopped. She was also the reason Dalton left Raven, after she murdered David Almquist's family in cold blood by stabbing them, she would latter put the blame on Dalton who was assigned to kill David Almquist. After Dalton left Raven she was assigned to assassinate him, but failed. During that time period she and Dalton were dating.[1]


Hyperion BaseEdit

After clearing out most of the vaults in Hyperion, Meilin and her men corner Overstrike 9 in the Nucleus. With Overstrike 9 surrounded, Meilin orders them to drop their weapons and step away from the Fuse. When Overstrike 9 ignores her demand, she uses Senator William Fable as leverage. Overstrike 9 surrenders and are taken to the Triton Outpost, while Meilin secures the Fuse source.

Sheng IslandEdit

After escaping from the Triton Outpost and making their way to Sheng Island, Overstrike 9 discovers that Meilin has built a fuel line under the island, as well as Fuse silos. 

After further progressing through the island, Overstrike 9 listens in on a conversation between Meilin and Fable discussing his payment and that he will be meeting with Luther Deveraux for the rest of his payment in Karakoram.

Carrying on with her original plan, Meilin plans to use the Valkyrie to launch Fuse in a populated area to demonstrate its power. To go along with the demonstration, Meilin plans to sell Fuse to the highest bidder for 1 billion dollars.

Her plans were put on hold when Overstrike 9 destroyed the fuel lines underneath the island. After catching up to Overstrike 9, Meilin engages them with her Whistler; however, she retreats after taking too much damage. 

Before Overstrike 9 can reach the launch control room, Meilin kills all the launch operators to prevent Overstrike 9 from stopping the launch. They soon discover another way to stop the launch by engaging the ignition clamps on the Valkyrie. Meilin attacks Overstrike 9 again in her Whistler, but is unsuccessful. In a last attempt to stop Overstrike 9, Meilin throws a blade at Dalton; however, Dalton deflects the blade using his Magshield and it stabs Meilin in the stomach. After a brief conversation with Dalton, Meilin dies.


  • Meilin's armor is a skin available to Naya and Izzy.


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