Hyperion Base


They Came... They Saw...


Once you step off the elevator, follow the hallway. After a short distance, turn right to find it next to another dead scientist.




Weapon Schematics

For the Xenotech weapon, see Magshield.

Magshield is one of the intel found at Hyperion Base. It is an overview of the Magshield weapon.


Utilizing a heavily-augmented ferrofluid combined with Fuse, this Xenotech weapon triggers a low-voltage microwave signal to create a thin, munition-resistant membrane barrier. A secondary trigger allows the operator to momentarily increase the voltage of the microwave signal, which causes an instant reverse in polarity. This forces all trapped projectiles to rapidly repel outward in a torrent of excess Fuse.

The Magshield was conceived as a portable shield for troops entering combat zones. Originally considered a solely defensive gadget, a deadly electrical experiment gave birth to its assault functionality. When the voltage was increased in an attempt to grow the shield's effective surface area, a rapid, polarity-inverting magnetic vibration erupted from it. The resulting torrent of Fuse vaporized all organic matter in close proximity. While this was considered a dark day for the lives lost at the Hyperion Facility, Hyperion's funding contract quietly updated requiring this bug to be included as a feature.