Isabelle, Naya, and Jacob


Fable's Faction (originally developed by Raven)


Unmanned Assault Drone (prototype version)


- 2 frontal underwing-mounted 3-barreled mini-guns

- 1 frontal belly-mounted Fuse-powered laser emitter

- 2 wing-mounted Fuse-powered floating-mine launchers


1 "Drone Brain"

Armor (Health)

Very High

The Maelstrom is an enemy aircraft appearing in Fuse. It is first encountered at the Raven Facility.


Despite its large size, the Maelstrom is quite maneuverable and sports an incredible amount of weaponry for a large unmanned assault drone. Its primary weapon is two 3-barreled mini-guns that both the Whistler and the Blood Hawk Helicopter utilize and fire both guns when utilizing one of its two other weapons at the same time: a deadly Fuse-powered laser that can critically injure any player that gets hit in one blast, regardless of health or difficulty setting. What makes this an even more dangerous weapon is that the Maelstrom can fly around the battlefield while "sweep-firing" this laser. The Maelstrom can also deploy multiple Fuse-powered floating explosives that charge up for a few seconds before exploding, which releases waves of large, but short-ranged energy that can critically injure a player in 1 or 2 consecutive hits. Normally, the Maelstrom stops in one place before shooting out the explosives. Both of these additional weapons are capable of leveling down any cover that the players might be hiding behind. Just like the Whistler, the Maelstrom doesn't like to stay in one place, unless they're focusing on one target and/or deploying their arsenals.


Just like the Whistler, the Maelstrom has three weak spots, the Fuse-filled circular sensor in the front-center and the circular cells on both of its engines that powers the Maelstrom's flight capability. Because of its deadly weaponry, you need to stay on your toes, move when possible and take cover when needed.

To avoid the laser, you need to, first and foremost, stay out of its sight-range as the laser can destroy any cover you're hiding behind. For the explosives, the Maelstrom can deploy them in great numbers that can cover almost half the battlefield, so when you see them, either shoot at them before they explode or move to the other half of the area. You can also take advantage of its stationary position, while the Maelstrom is deploying its explosives, to shoot at its weak spot before it starts moving again

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