Jodhpur Stronghold


Family Reunion


Battle your way across the tiled balconies until you near the rally point. Take a right and follow the path around to find it on the ground.




Raven Leadership


Intelligence Case 024410: Deveraux, Luther

Subject Status: Active

Directive: Observe

We recruited Luther Deveraux several years ago as a means of training our Infiltrator units. At the time we had only basic gen-one cloak tech, and Luther had built a twenty-year-long career out of being invisible without any gear at all. He was one of Europe's most successful and elusive assassins, so it was our hope that he and his daughter Naya would enlist. 

Naya refused, but Luther accepted. Since then he has been an indispensable asset to our organization. He turned soldiers into assassins, and trained them to act without depending on technology. Though skeptics within Raven has dismissed his methods as "dated," no one can deny the leap forward Raven has taken since he joined our ranks.

As far as we can tell, his only weakness is his daughter. Though Deveraux attempts to appear detached, we believe he still cares very much for Naya. This may prove problematic, as she recently joined the Overstrike organization - a team that has disrupted our operations on more than one occasion. The day may come when we have to dispose of Deveraux's daughter. If that happens, we may have to deal with fallout form Deveraux.