Luther Deveraux
Gender Male
Occupation Former Raven Captian
Status Alive
Appears In Fuse
Voice Actor JB Blanc

"The us against the world days were nice, but they ended."
— Luther Deveraux

Luther Deveraux is a character appearing in Fuse.

Luther worked with a team of assassins, including his daughter Naya Deveraux, until he sold out to Raven.


Triton OutpostEdit

Luther was sent to the Triton Outpost to watch over Ivan Sovlenko. While there, he encountered Overstrike 9 and talked with his daughter, Naya, about the old days. Before leaving, he secretly gives Naya the cell key to allow her and the other agents to escape. Shortly after their escape, Overstrike 9 listen in on a conversation between Luther and Fable about a warhead that can stablilize Fuse, and how they plan on using the Valkyrie to sell Fuse to terrorists. Shortly after, Luther and Fable leave for Sheng Island.

Karakoram MountainsEdit

Discovering that Luther wasn't at Sheng Island, Overstrike 9 managed to discover his location at a Raven Facility in the Karakoram Mountains. Not too long after his arrival, Luther discovers that Fable has plans to steal Fuse from the facility and heads to the tarmac to stop Fable and his men. 

When Luther finds Fable, he and his men are loading Fuse onto a plane. Luther calls Fable out on his lies, realizing that his loyalties aren't with Raven. Fable reveals that he wants to use Fuse for philantropic reasons as opposed to Raven who wants to sell Fuse. It's then revealed that Luther's men are really working for Fable, and as Luther is about to be killed, Naya takes out one of Fable's men. Luther flees and Fable gets away with Fuse.

With the other agents thinking that their lead on Fuse is gone, Naya reveals that Luther has a safehouse in Jodhpur, India and that he'll know how to find the stolen Fuse. 

Jodhpur StrongholdEdit

By the time Overstrike 9 arrive, Fable's security team have already arrived to execute Luther and aquire his tablet that contains valuable data regarding Fuse. During the attack, Luther fled to his safe room, but was shot in the arm.

After finding his safe room, Overstrike 9 confronts Luther, but he destroys the tablet before they can retrieve it. After reasoning with Luther, he tells them that the data is still good and that he will give them the data as long as they help him escape.

Luther and Overstrike 9 make their way to the rooftop were Oculus sends in a helicopter for extraction. 

Grigori StationEdit

No longer working for Raven, Luther accompanies Oculus and assists Overstrike 9 in their attempt to stop Fable.

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