- Raven

- Fable's Faction


Synthetic Exoskeleton Mech


Hand-carried "Behemoth" Mini-gun


- Heavy Melee

- Teleportation

- Turret Deployment

Armor (Health)


The Leadfoot is an enemy appearing in Fuse. He is first encountered at the Triton Outpost.


Heavily armored, but still light enough to not adversely affect their mobility, Leadfoots run across the battlefield to mow down their enemies with their extremely large Behemoths. Their ability to teleport allows them to get away from sticky situations, while at the same time, giving them the chance to attack you. They are also relentless, stepping over obstacles to reach their targets.

Leadfoots have the unique ability to spawn multiple hover turrets, which when deployed, slowly rise up off the ground, open up their "shells," and rapidly fire bullets at their enemies. These turrets remain stationary, but can turn around if the enemy gets behind them. Their health is low, but makes it up with strength in numbers, as well as the present Leadfood within their vicinity.


Fortunately, there is an exposed Fuse tank on the Leadfoot's back which can be used to score extra points and causes him to stagger. Shooting at the tank constantly increases the amount of damage inflicted on Leadfoot. It's also to best to get around the Leadfoot as quickly as you can, as these mechs usually fight you in small crowded areas and you can easily be cornered or bogged down during the battle as they try to rush towards you to either melee or gun you down. Use every space possible to get to the mech's weak spot and start firing at it.

As for the turrets, because of their low health, any small-arms fire or melee attacks would take care of them and since it takes a few seconds for the turrets to start up, you can destroy them right there and then before they are fully deployed.

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