Jodhpur Stronghold


The Extraction


While battling through the courtyard where the troops show up with Magshields, head up the steps in the back right from your entrance. Follow this hallway to the end to find it atop a small table.




Overstrike 9


Intelligence Case 744120: Kimble, Jacob Warren

Subject Status: Active

Directive: Terminate on Sight

Our investigation into the life of Jacob Kimble yielded some interesting results. His younger years paint the picture of a cool, even-tempered soldier who values rules and rigid structure yet surprisingly, we learned that he is listed as a person of interest in the murders of at least six homicide suspects in the Los Angeles area.

According to a source inside the police department, Kimble's Achilles heel was his anger problem. When confronted with a suspect he could crack, or a case he coudn't close, he would become enraged -- particularly when the case involved children. Eighteen months before he fled to Los Angeles, the body of a suspected child abuser was discovered in an Echo Park dumpster. Investigators traced a bullet casing back to a revolver reported stolen by Detective Kimble. Internal Affairs immediately began investigating him and discovered that he was present during the arrests of five other suspects, the last of whom was found burned to death in his car parked just off Highland Avenue. The victim, Leopold Vincent Hildreth, had been found not guilty that morning in the murder of an eleven-year-old girl.

When Internal Affairs arrived at Kimble's apartment to question him, they discovered the place abandoned. Kimble fled to South America, where he worked as a private bodyguard for over a year before being recruited to Overstrike. He is still flagged as a person of interest in Los Angeles, and has been unable to return to his home.