Jacob Kimble
Gender Male
Occupation Overstrike 9
Status Unknown
Appears In Fuse
Voice Actor Khary Payton

"Do you know what happens to people who kill children? They burn."
— Jacob Kimble

Jacob Warren Kimble is a member of the Overstrike 9 team and is one of the four main playable characters in Fuse.

Early LifeEdit

Jacob Kimble was a decorated LAPD police detective, until his rogue methods made him a wanted man. Born to a struggling family in central LA, Jacob joined the force to begin cleaning up the corruption and abuse he witnessed growing up. His passion led to early promotions, but reports soon came in of excessive force and brutal tactics against felons. When the leaders of the Six Star Gang were freed on technicality, Jacob took matters into his own hands and gunned them down in their Korea Town Nightclub. Jacob's continued vigilante justice caught up with him. Following his execution of a series of child abusers imprompted an internal affairs investigation. He fled to South America were Overstrike recruited him. He's since become a protective force for Team 9, proving himself to be a deadly shot.


Jacob is equipped with the Arcshot which functions almost like a sniper rifle. He can shoot the Arcshot with or without the scope making very effective in both long range and mid-long range combat. The Arcshot is a powerful weapon and usually only takes 1-2 shots to kill a regular enemy. It can shoot bolts that can attach itself to enemies and spread its effects to melt enemies close by. It can also be used as a trap for unexpected enemies. He is also initially equipped with a Guardian and Savager.


  • Jacob's boots cost $500.
  • Jacob has a different walking animation than Dalton, Naya, and Izzy.
  • Jacob has a cat.