Triton Outpost


Kicking the Habit


This is found in the room where you battle Sovlenko. From your entrance, head left up some steps to find it on a desk.




Raven Leadership

Ivan Sovlenko is one of the intels found in Triton Outpost. It is a biography file of Ivan Sovlenko, one of the members of Raven.


Intelligence Case 998741 Sovlenko, Ivan

Subject Status: Active

Directive: Observe

Captain Ellis Swan recruited Sovlenko to Raven after spending three years with him in the Rurik Camp (see: Operation Red Hand). According to Swan's affidavit, Sovlenko worked for several years as a muscle for the Kazan Bratva, one of the most violent crime syndicates in Russia. Despite his lack of military training, Swan convinced us his former cellmate would be an asset.

Sovlenko was assigned to the Triton Outpost as overseer of our newly minted weapons lab. His duties were to maintain efficient and productive work conditions, as well as pacify detainees. For the most part he seemed to perform these functions well, although he seemd to view our organizations military structure as "a frivolous attempt to cling onto the past." The Board has graciously turned a blind eye to his insolence, as he has performed his duties well.

Our only concern regarding Captain Sovlenko is his addictive personality. His last drug test revealed no less than seven narcotics in his system, and his subordinates have reported severe mood swings and unprovoked acts of violence. The latest incident report tells of an Infiltrator who reported to his post ten minutes late. Sovlenko struck him in the back of the head with a pipe wrench and drowned him in the Triton moon pool.

We recommend Sovlenko be kept under watch. Though incidents like the above are not atypical with our personnel, a continued trend could lead to an uprising. With our Fuse operation underway, it's critical we stay focused. We have dispatched Luther Deveraux to help oversee his phase of the operation and report back any further infractions by Sovlenko.