Ivan Sovlenko
Gender Male
Occupation Raven Captain
Status Deceased
Appears In Fuse
Voice Actor Steven Blum

"Fuse will change the way we go to war, the way we hunt, the way we profit."
— Ivan Sovlenko

Ivan Sovlenko is the tertiary antagonist of Fuse.


For several years Ivan Sovlenko worked as a muscle for the Kazan Bratva, one of the most violent crime syndicates in Russia. He was later recruited into Raven by Captain Ellis Swan when they spent time with each other in the Rurik Camp for 3 years. Sometime later he was assigned to the Triton Outpost as an overseer.[1]


Triton OutpostEdit

After escaping from their cells, Overstrike 9 overhears Ivan and other scientists discussing the effects of Fuse on Ivan's mind. Ivan, unaware of the effects of Fuse, insists on having more doses.

After further progressing through the Outpost, Overstrike 9 discovers that Ivan has been experimenting with Fuse by mixing it with human blood. Not too long after, Ivan encounters Overstrike 9 while they're planning their escape. After a brief conversation with Dalton, Ivan injects himself with another dose of Fuse, allowing himself to enter the minds of Overstrike 9.

Overstrike 9 makes their way to Ivan's lab, where they encounter him once again. Ivan preaches that Fuse isn't energy or power, it's truth. Ivan injects himself with another dose of Fuse, turning his lab into an allusion. After a brief battle, Ivan is killed by Overstrike 9.


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