Sheng Island


Matches and an Old Flame


Once you've scaled the rock wall, drop and take the stairs to the other side of the broken bridge you just zipped across. You'll find it over there.




Overstrike 9


Intelligence Case 996218: Sinclair, Isabelle Hannah

Subject Status: Active

Directive: Recruit if Possible, Terminate if Necessary

Isabelle Sinclair is a gifted hacker and intelligence broker recruited to Overstrike by the shadow operative known as Oculus (Case #664329). In the past decade Agent Sinclair has worked for us six times without her knowledge, most recently providing intelligence to Captain Nathaniel Burch. In just twenty four hours she was able to track the digital footprint of Stephen Sumbner, a former Raven accountant who siphoned 12 million dollars out of one of our accounts and fled to Cabo San Lucas. Ms. Sinclair was operating under the assumption that she was working for one of our shell corporations based out of Singapore. According to Burch, Sinclair did not want to know why he wanted Sumner's location, or what would happen to him when he caight up with him. She only asked that she be paid up front.

A review of Agent Sinclair's history shows that she is extremely antisocial and paranoid. At the age of 22, she spent 18 months in Florida State Prison for selling false documentation to known members of the Sardina crime family. While inside she assaulted the warden and punctured his lung with a ballpoint pen. The warden survived, and the incident was ruled self-defense by the court.

We believe Agent Sinclair possesses a moral malleability that makes her a prime candidate for recuitment. Her intelligence and anti-establishment mentality prove that she holds no allegiances, and values only compensation. We recommend someone from Raven approach her before she builds a relationship with the other members of her contact team.