Isabelle Sinclair
Gender Female
Occupation Overstrike 9
Status Unknown
Appears In Fuse
Voice Actor Ali Hillis

"Data logs been redacted, but its first entry is dated 1947."
— Izzy Sinclair

Isabelle "Izzy" Hannah Sinclair is a member of the Overstrike 9 team and is one of the four main playable characters in Fuse.

Early LifeEdit

Isabelle Sinclair was once a ward of the state of Indiana. She frequently fought with other kids; and as a result, music, martial arts, and computers became her refuge. Her first known hack began at age 13, and she went off the grid soon after. Since then, Izzy has led a nomadic lifestyle, covering as a touring DJ to mask her hacking and espionage trade. However, a tip by a jolted fan almost led to her capture, but she burned her computers and escaped through a window after SWAT charged into her room preemptively. Jobs for anonymous clients, including Raven, caught Overstrike's attention, and ever since recruiting her, Izzy's calm-under-fire demeanor and expertise with computers have made her a valuable asset.


Izzy is equipped with the Shattergun that can crystallize enemies in Melanite. Once the enemy is crystallized, they are slightly lifted in the air making the enemy an easier target to kill. She is also equipped with a med beacon that can heal herself and her teammates, making her excellent for the support role of the group. The med beacon can also revive fallen teammates without putting her in harms way. She is also initially equipped with a Dragonfly and Harbinger.


  • In early development, Izzy originally had blonde hair. She also had black and red hair, which was later changed to the red hair she has in the final version. 
  • When Izzy announces that her Fusion is ready, it is Naya's voice in place of Izzy's.
  • She has at least once worked double jobs, saying that "a girl simply can't live on Overstrike pay".