Intel is intelligence collected in the battlefield that add to the information and depth of the story in Fuse . It is often scattered throughout each level in the game, and typically comes in the form of text, audio or images with accompanying text.

By collecting all of the intel in Fuse players recieve the achievement/trophy The Inspector.

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List of IntelEdit

Hyperion Base, Groom Lake, Nevada

Casual Friday
  1. From the Office of Dr. Abraham Monday
  2. Dr. Sam Reed
  3. Sergeant Bryan Castle
Future Proofing
  1. Fuse Cells
  2. Dr. Lincoln Wobash
They Came... They Saw...
  1. Magshield
  2. Immediate Resignation

Triton OutpostUnknown Location

Worms in the Apple
  1. A Fond Farewell
  2. Shattergun
  3. A Message to Naya
  4. The Worst Monster
And I Gazed Into the Abyss
  1. The End of Days
  2. Dalton Brooks
  3. A Shady Character
Kicking the Habit
  1. Corrupted Fuse
  2. Ivan Sovlenko

Sheng IslandSouth China Sea

Matches and an Old Flame
  1. Meilin Mao
  2. Isabelle Sinclair
  3. A Soldier's Regret
​All War is Deception
  1. A Message From The Board
  2. Another Operation?
  3. Warp Rifle
  4. Whistler
  5. From Luther Deveraux
A Bad Breakup
  1. True Love
  2. Greener Pastures
  3. I Never Had a Choice

Raven Facility, Karakoram Mountains, Pakistan

The Long Road in
  1. A New Opportunity
  2. Arcshot
No Honor Among Theives
  1. Oculus
  2. Something's Rotten
  3. Maelstrom
  4. A Wolf Amongst Sheep
  5. Naya Deveraux
  6. Enforcer
  7. No Turning Back
The Betrayal
  1. Not a Speck of Progress

Jodphur Stronghold, Jodphur, India 

The Extraction
  1. Raven is Not Dead
  2. Fuse Grenade
  3. Jacob Kimble
Uninvited Guests
  1. A Difficult Mission
  2. Don't Trust Fable
Family Reunion
  1. We've Been Hit
  2. Fable's People
  3. William Fable
  4. Luther Deveraux

Grigori Space Station, Outer Space

One-Way Trip
  1. A New Tomorrow
  2. Forgive Us
  3. Fable's Friends
Peace, in Pieces
  1. Drastic Measures
  2. Icarus Spacesuit
  3. Fable's New Toy
  4. When Munich Falls