Health Raven Infiltrator (50)

Grigori Infiltrator (90)

Weak Spot Head
Best Agent Dalton or Naya
Worst Agent Izzy
Infiltrators are enemies appearing in Fuse. They are first encountered at the Triton Outpost.


Infiltrators are even more dangerous than Spec Ops in a few ways. These enemies also try to disable agents. rather than hang back and attack most of the time, they charge right in against your team. Infiltrators use cloaking technology to avoid detection. You might see a ripple in the air, but that's about all the warning you can expect until they grapple someone. 

Infiltrator suits do have one weakness. They let out an electronic whine that is audible from a moderate range. If you hear that noise getting louder, you know that an Infiltrator is approaching. 

The best way to kill Infiltrators is to shoot them before they grab anyone. Watch carefully for signs of their approach. Once you see movement, start firing. Infiltrators do not have much armor, so it doesn't take many hits to kill them. Focus more on hitting your target rather than getting headshots. 

Dalton doesn't need to aim his Shield Blast, so he's rather adept at countering Infiltrators that get close to the group. 

Jacob has the burst damage and the area of effect to do pretty well. Fire toward the sign of movement. If you miss, set off the energized bolts and hope that hits your enemy instead. 

If Naya has time, have her switch to the Prowler so she has a weapon with high burst damage and a good spread. That works better against Infiltrators than her Warp Rifle. Also, make sure that Naya is cloaked. This prevents the enemies from grabbing Naya, so she is free to attack any of the Infiltrators that grab her teammates.

Use melee attacks on any Infiltrators who grapple your allies. If you aren't close by, shoot at the targets instead. Your won't hurt your teammates if you miss, so be aggressive. Infiltrators eventually kill the people that they're grappling, so don't take too long.


Weapon Weapon Effectiveness Tactic
Archsot Low Infiltrators are fast and hard to see at range. Just try to hit them. Don't worry about headshots.
Daybreaker Low Infiltrators are harder to eliminate with medium to long range weapons. Aim for the body and keep pulling the trigger for kills.
Dragonfly Moderate Fire in long bursts to kill Infiltrators while they're on the way in.
Grenades Moderate If you get a grenade near the area where Infiltrators are deploying, it works well to thin their numbers.
Guardian Moderate You can't rely on Guardian attacks for long, because of the magazine issue. Wait until you have a clear shot before going against Infiltrators.
Harbinger Very Low It's hard to see Infiltrators at long range. Stick with something that is easier to aim quickly.
Magshield High Dalton is quickly able to target and eliminate Infiltrators while his shield is out. If they get into range, kill them with a Shield Blast.
Prowler High Stay behind cover and wait for the Infiltrators to come to you. Shoot them at short range when they're coming for you.
Savager Moderate Lay down a continuous wave of fire to wound Infiltrators while they rush forward. This makes it easier for other agents to finish Infiltrators off before they grab anyone.
Shattergun High Lay down a long wave of fire toward Infiltrators before they get close.
Warp Rifle Low The Warp Rifle takes too much time to down its targets individually. Switch to something with more burst damage to fight these fast, stealthy enemies.
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