Weapon Type Sniper Rifle
Firing Mode Single Shot
Damage +55 Damage
Magazine Size 3, 6 (upgraded)
Total Ammo Capacity 30 Bullets
Appears In Fuse
The Harbinger is a Sniper Rifle found in Fuse.

This high damage, long range rifle with be used to help Jacob Kimble with long range engagements more than anything else. The Harbinger gets a high head-shot bonus allowing you to take out most enemies in a single head-shot but is hard to use in closer range combat as there is no un-scoped cross-hair. The Harbinger has a similar damage profile to that of the Arcshot but with a lower rate of fire. When using the harbinger with a good Jacob player, you'll find your role will slip from a long range damage dealing role to a more support sniper role only really getting to pick off what's been left behind by the Arcshot. Isabelle Sinclair will load-out with the Harbinger automatically.