Fuse Grenade
Weapon Type Explosive
Capacity 2, 4 (upgraded)
Appears In Fuse
Grenades are explosives found in Fuse.

Grenades give every character the ability to deal area-of-effect damage to their targets. The first grenade button let's you line up your attack; the HUD shows a throwing arc so that you know where the grenade will land. The second button lets you throw the grenade. If you're in a hurry, just press the second button to have your character automatically hurl the grenade.

These weapons have a few advantages. Their blast is large enough to hurt multiple targets. If you take Firearms skills while leveling, the grenades get even better (and you start to carry even more of them). In addition, higher-level characters get skills that turn grenades into Fuse weapons. They hit even harder and nail targets that are further away from the initial blast. Upgraded grenades become extremely useful against heavy targets. Use them when behind cover as a way to contribute damage against Enforcers and Leadfoots while you're regaining health or avoiding enemy attacks. 

You can afford to take more time lining up grenade attacks while under cover. However, don't forget that enemies have grenades too. If you see enemies swing their arms in a throwing motion, start running. Switch to new cover as soon as possible. Grenades do a huge amount of damage, and they often take your character down instantly if you stand close to their initial blast. A small red icon appears if you get close to an active grenade; run away until the icon disappears. 

Agents don't take explosive damage when they're diving, vaulting over cover, or sliding toward objects. Use these methods heavily when under attack. This is most effective against Enforcers, Leadshots, and Whistlers.