Hyperion Base


Future Proofing


Just after rebooting the first transformer, you'll be prompted to take out a Raven soldier with a stealth kill. In the same room, you'll find it near some dead scientists.




Applied Technology

Fuse Cells is one of the intel found in Hyperion Base. It is a letter informing about an unstable fuse not to be used and that the fuse must be used as a good and clean energy source.

Intel DocumentEdit

To: Todd Frankel, Engineer 

From: Peter Lafferty, Core Control

Re: Fuse Cells (HIGH PRIORITY)


According to my latest readout, the Fuse cells on deck five are unstable. Do not - I repeat, DO NOT - plug them into the reactor. I've already notified Elliot Parsons and he is on his way to dispose of them. This only supports my earlier email that we need to revert to good, old-fashioned electricity. Whoever's idea it was to outfit this place with Fuse was an optimist. Or an asshole. Or both.

In the meantime, I'll have Mitch get down there with some new cells and test for hull fractures before installing. I'd say let's go with candles and flashlights for now, but it looks like some Senator is on his way here and the doc wants everything lit up like a Christmas tree.

Drinks at the Canteen later,