Hyperion Base


Casual Friday


The game's first piece of intel can be found just before the team lifts the door. It sits on the ground next to a dead body in a hazmat suit.




Classified Experiments

From the Office of Dr. Abraham Monday is one of the intel found on Hyperion Base. It is a recommendation by the base director to grant a basic level access to William Fable, who will arrive at the base. It's also mentioning to keep the fuse confidential to him.

Intel DocumentEdit

To: Cpt. Shawn Drake, Hyperion Watch Commander

From: Abraham Monday, Director

Re: William Fable

Mr. Drake,

This communication hereby authorizes you to grant Level One Access to Senator William Fable and no more than five members of his security team to Hyperion Base [arrival time 0800 hours PST]. The team will be bringing with them one Enforcer series RVN-3400B recovered from a Marine raid of a Raven safe house in Pakistan. Under normal circumstances the Enforcer would be destroyed, but the Senator offered this one to us to use in our R&D wing.

Please note that Senator Fable isn't fully read in on the tests being conducted inside Hyperion, so no mention of The Nucleus or its contents is to be made by you or your staff. For all intents and purposes we will continue to operate as if we are exploring a new form of clean energy in compliance with UN regulations. If the Senator or anyone of his staff try to access a sensitive location, alert me immediately and lock down the facility.