Grigori Station


Peace, in Pieces


Once you enter an orange chamber with two Elite Troops, cut right. Hack the door to enter an armory. Inside, you'll be able to spot it inside a locker.




Intercepted Chatter

Fable's New Toy is one of the intel found in Grigori Station. It is a letter from an engineer about another revision of William Fable's new "mech."

Intel DocumentEdit

To: Brent Murphy

From: Anthony Ragen

Re: ANOTHER feature request from his highness

Hey Murphy, 

Wait, he did it again. This makes revision number twenty-three and counting. Now he wants a reinforced operator harness with optical targeting system. I told him a design like that is a major overhaul, but when Fable makes up his mind there is no changing it. And the rest of the engineers are too chicken-shit to tell him what he's asking for is ludicrous. I don't blame them for fearing the guy, but Christ, this is getting out of control.

Why does Fable need a weaponized mech anyway? Isn't his whole manifesto centered around bringing and end to violence? The only thing this project is designed for is murder, and lots of it. Anyways I'm off to the arming station now to picke up some Fuse cells. If you could have one of your guys run down there and get some ready, you'd be making my life a little easier.