Elite Troop
Health Elite Shield (240)

Elite Person (100)

Weak Spot Unmodified
Best Agent Naya or Izzy
Worst Agent Dalton
Elites are enemies appearing in Fuse. They are first encountered at Sheng Island.


Elites can be Soldiers or Leadfoots, so this is a strange classification of enemy. Elite simply means that a target has Fuse shielding and can't be damaged until the shielding is brought down. You know that an enemy has the shield because the target shimmers/glows while they're walking around.

Elite Soliders have a rejuvenating power that affects their allies. It's essential to kill Elites first because of this; otherwise, taking out their allies is harder to do, and it wastes a huge amount of ammo.

Don't use standard firearms against Elites. Basic firearms, including heavy weapons, deal no damage against Fuse shields.

It's especially dangerous to fight against Leadfoots with Elite shielding. However, a fast burst of fire can level the field pretty well. Naya and Izzy are both well armed for this. Jacob can do it when he needs to, but the drain on his ammo is more substantial.


Weapon Weapon Effectiveness Tactic
Arcshot High Use multiple attacks to bring down an Elite's shield.
Daybreaker Very Low Use Xenotech weapons to kill Elites.
Dragonfly Very Low Use Xenotech weapons to kill Elites.
Grenades Moderate Though worthless early on, grenades become effective against Elites once they become Fusion grenades. 
Guardian Very Low Use Xenotech weapons to kill Elites.
Harbinger Very Low Use Xenotech weapons to kill Elites.
Magshield Moderate Elites require more sustained Xenotech damage to drop their shields. It does enough damage to finish off an Elite whose shield has been brought down some, or to assist others in taking down the shield.
Prowler Very Low Use Xenotech weapons to kill Elites.
Savager Very Low Use Xenotech weapons to kill Elites.
Shattergun High Izzy strips elite shields rather well, and she can spare the ammo to do it.
Warp Rifle High The Warp Rifle strips Elite shields fairly well.


  • Unlike other organic enemies, when Elite Soldiers are killed, they moan and groan as if they're suffering from intense migraines, which usually last for a few seconds, before exploding into nothing.
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