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Echelon is a multiplayer game mode appearing in Fuse


Players assume the role of the Overstrike 9 agents as they attempt to survive waves of enemies while also competing against each other for the highest scores and rewards around the stage.

Players will play through 12 rounds, all with randomized objectives. Each stage offers a mini-boss and a main boss, located in the sixth and twelfth rounds.

Experience points, as well as Fuse Credits, collected while playing the mode will be carried over to the main campaign as well as contributing to the player's global profile. Fuse Credits that appear in the form of coins, money bags, and gold bars are exclusive to Echelon Mode and allow players to buy gear, team perks, and other helpful items, Such as agent and weapon skins.

Game TypesEdit

Carnage - A free-for-all assult against a multitude of enemies.

Critical Drop - Players will battle their way to crates filled with useful items around the map.

Hot Zone - Players will defend a Fuse canister from waves of enemies.

Countdown - Players will have to protect and carry a Fuse canister to a designated location before it explodes.


Raven Sub Bay - This island facility is used as a hub for Raven's fleet of submersibles.

Deveraux's Hideout - This stronghold acts as a safe haven for Raven personnel. 

Meilin's Quarters - This facility is the base of Meilin Mao's operation.

Fuse Reactor - This underwater weapons lab was used by Raven to advance their army with Fuse technology.

Tram Station - The Grigori Tram Station was used by William Fable and his acolytes to transport corrupted Fuse around the complex.

Raven Facility - This facility used to be Raven's corporate headquarters. These days its purpose is to manufacture Enforcers and other weapons.



Fuse - Echelon Gameplay

Fuse - Echelon Gameplay

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