Weapon Type Submachinegun
Firing Mode Fully Automatic
Damage +5 Damage
Magazine Size 80, 104 (upgraded)
Total Ammo Capacity 320 Bullets
Appears In Fuse
The Dragonfly is a Submachinegun in Fuse

It is the default sidearm for Naya and Izzy. It is best suited for close-or medium- range engagement. It is recommended to use it in bursts at longer ranges because it rapidly loses accuracy.

Some players prefer the Prowler shotgun or the Harbinger sniper rifle as a primary weapon. This gun is recommended as a sidearm: it is a good fallback, but its high fire rate can cause the user run out of ammo quickly. It can rival the Savager for close range engagements, whilst still serving as a sidearm. It is recommended that a player using Naya utilize the Dragonfly's fire rate after cloaking and getting in close on a target.