Disguised Robot Villain 2
The Disguised Robot Villain is character that appears at the end of the Blur Teaser. Initially disguised as a stocky leader of the Missile Silo that Overstrike 9 are assaulting, a combo move between Izzy and Jacob creates an explosion that destroys his outer disguise, revealing him to be a sinister robot. The actual name of the Disguised Robot Villain is not known.

The robot is heavily armed with shoulder lasers and a belt-fed machine gun with a chainsaw on the bottom, requiring all Overstrike 9 members to focus on it during battle. It is also incredibly strong, as when Dalton swings at it with a Savager, the gun breaks without dealing any visible damage.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Disguised Robot Villain was removed during the transition from Overstrike to Fuse, but traits of him appear in the Enforcer boss, having a vaguely similar appearance in body shape and head. His original disguise may also be connected with Ivan Sovlenko, but this is only speculated. The revealed robot form also appeared as a sticker on a fridge in the Sheng Island level.