Weapon Type Assault Rifle
Firing Mode 3-Round Burst
Damage +7 Damage
Magazine Size 48, 62 (upgraded)
Total Ammo Capacity 250 Bullets
Appears In Fuse
The Daybreaker is an Assault Rifle found in Fuse.

Aside from the Harbinger and Arcshot, the Daybreaker is the only rifle that can be scoped for long range engagment. The Daybreaker also benefits from a headshot bonus making it an extremely dangerous weapon in the hands of a good player. Once fully upgraded you can drop early game grunts in one burst if the burst is a headshot. The Daybreaker compliments Dalton nicely giving him high DPS at a longer range than he could using the Magshield. Any player can pick up this weapon and use it, though it may fit some player roles better than others.