Triton Outpost


And I Gazed Into the Abyss


After exiting the coolant pipe, you'll be in a large red room. Just beyond is the central reactor, but don't enter just yet. Instead, turn left to spot a window you can shimmy through. Inside, it sits on a desk.




Overstrike 9


Intelligence Case 122477: Brooks, Dalton Andrew

Subject Status: Active

Directive: Terminate on Sight

Per The Board's request, our team conducted an eight-month investigation into Dalton Brooks' defection to Overstrike. Prior to the events at the Black Key Hotel, Brooks carried out 97 successful missions for Raven, including the Flagstone Operation in Chile and Last Gasp in Juarez. If not for his defection he would have been promoted to Captain within a year.

We scrutinized Captain Mao's statement regarding the events at the Black Key Hotel, and found several flaws in her story. Her polygraph showed no deception when she spoke of the original plan; accoriding to Meilin, Brooks was to terminate Swedish software engineer David Almquist via curare while his family was at the hotel pool. However when our technician asked about her whereabouts during the mission, she became evasive. We believe her claim that Brooks murdered Almquist's family while they slept is a fabrication designed to cover up her own actions. If this is true, and Captain Mao is responsible for the deaths of Almquist's wife and daughter, then The Board approved Brooks' termination under false pretenses.

After careful consideration, it is our assertion that Dalton Brooks cannot be flipped back to our side. Brooks holds nothing but contempt for our organization, and appears obsessed with the idea of destroying Raven. Our official recommendation is that he be terminated on sight.