Dalton Brooks
Gender Male
Occupation Overstrike 9
Status Alive
Appears In Fuse
Voice Actor Brian Bloom

"Yep, I fell on my gun!"
— Dalton Brooks

Dalton Andrew Brooks is the leader of the Overstrike 9 team and is one of the four main playable characters in Fuse.

Early LifeEdit

Dalton Brooks was raised in an abusive house by a dead-beat dad. Dalton ran away and lived on the streets until he found a life in the Marines. Three tours later, Dalton had become known for being violent and disobedient. His career ended abruptly after causing civilian casualties in Egypt. Raven quickly recruited him and he rose in the ranks with dozens of successful missions. After being framed by his superior for the slaughter of a targets family, Dalton became disenchanted and quit. Any lingering allegiance to Raven shattered after a failed assassination attempt, allegedly by his former boss. This opened the door to Overstrike. With Dalton's lengthy field experience and intimate knowledge of Raven, has made him a valuable though volatile asset.


Dalton is equipped with the Magshield that provides cover for himself and his teammates. It can stop almost every projectile that comes its way and sends a blast to multiple enemies that is within its range. The Magshield can also drop a secondary shield, for a limited time, that also provides cover.  According to Dalton, he is also equipped with very heavy armor. He is also initially equipped with a Guardian and Daybreaker.


  • Dalton has a fear of cats and states that he doesn't trust them. 
  • The only reason Dalton dated Meilin was because she was "hot."
  • Dalton has a German Shepard named Captain Spencer.