Not to be confused with a type of fuse substance.


Triton Outpost


Kicking the Habit


After stopping the descending chemical laser, look to the side of the room opposite your exit. It sits on a desk.




Corrupted Fuse

Corrupted Fuse is one of the intels found in Triton Outpost. It depicts a letter to Ivan Sovlenko written by Peter McNair about "corrupting" fuse, which turns it into the most destructive weapon of mass destruction.

Intel DocumentEdit

To: Captain Ivan Sovlenko

From: Dr. Peter McNair

Re: Corrupted Fuse


I confess, I did not think I'd ever be writing this message. It seems that Senator Fable may be worth whatever The Board paid him after all. Using our stockpile of human blood and the Hyperion research the Senator provided, we were able to successfully corrupt the Fuse stockpile. We've since conducted three small-scale test fires using live subjects (thank you agian for allowing us access to your prison). The corrupted Fuse killed quickly and efficiently without damaging non-biological material.

Based on this success, we have approved Phase Two of the project. I've already spoken to Ms. Mao and informed her that we are sending a warhead of corrupted Fuse to her island. A large-scale launch on a major U.S. city will not only provide us with concrete data, but also serve as a demonstration to prospective buyers. The rest will be sent to our Karakoram faility until it can be safely transported to belfast.


P. McNair