RickyZhang cloaker overstrike
The Cloaker is a weapon that appears in the original Blur Teaser. In it, Naya is depicted pressing a button on the top that makes her turn invisible, much like the Warp Rifle she uses in the final version of the game, Fuse. Using this, she is able to take out a group of five guards completely unseen, although not entirely undetected. In gameplay, the gun was able to turn all the players invisible at the same time. What the weapon does aside from turning people invisible is not known. Like the Goo Gun, its name was never finalized during development, although InvisoRay was one of the earliest names used to refer to it.

Behind the ScenesEdit

In the shift from Overstrike to Fuse, Insomniac Games decided that the Cloaker lacked the punch it needed to make it feel distinctive, so the gun was either changed or replaced by the Warp Rifle.


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