Below you will find a list of challenges found in Fuse.

There are 24 challenges in the game that let you strive to do various things over time; it's basically a secondary achievement system. In addition, there are in-game rewards for completing these challenges. Most of these can be completed in Echelon Mode or the Campaign, so you're able to choose the playstyle you prefer. 


Challenge Description Unlocks
Upgraded V2 Reach level 10 with all agents 2000 XP
Extra Credit Collect 100000 Fuse Credits 2000 XP
The Healer Revive 30 agents 2000 XP
The Infiltrator Kill 50 Infiltrators 2000 XP
Fuse Addict Activate Fusion ability 10 times 2000 XP
The Executioner Destroy 25 Elite enemies 2000 XP
Xenotech Killer Kill 250 enemies using Xenotech weapons 2000 XP
Blood Hawk Hunter Destroy 5 Blood Hawks 2000 XP
Intelligence Broker Find 25 pieces of enemy Intel 2000 XP
Long Distance Relationship Kill 50 Snipers 2000 XP
The Whisper Perform 10 stealth takedowns 2000 XP
Headshot King Kill 100 enemies with headshots 2000 XP
Heavy Hitter Kill 20 Leadfoots 2000 XP
High Value Hitter Kill 10 high value targets in Echelon 2000 XP
The Brawler Perform 5 melee takedowns 2000 XP
Upgraded V1 Reach level 10 with any agent 2000 XP
Fuse Warrior Kill 250 standard soldiers 2000 XP
The Survivor Complete all 12 waves of an Echelon map 2000 XP
Scrap Metal Destroy 10 Enforcers 2000 XP
Big Guns Kill 25 enemies with heavy weapons 2000 XP
The Recycler Destroy 6 Whistlers 2000 XP
Demolition Expert Kill 30 enemies with grenades 2000 XP
High Roller Unlock 10 skins with Fuse Credits 2000 XP
The Professional Complete all Echelon maps 2000 XP