Blood Hawk
Fuse Bloodhawk
Health 1,500
Weak Spot None
Best Agent Jacob
Worst Agent Dalton
Blood Hawks are enemy aircrafts appearing in Fuse. They are first encountered at Hyperion Base.


Blood Hawks are transport helicopters that bring Raven troops into an area. They carry quite a few Soldiers, or even a Leadfoot. Though heavily armored, you can still destroy Blood Hawks and the people inside of them.

Before anyone can deploy, Jacob has a chance to blast the group of Soldiers inside a Blood Hawk. Use charged Arcshot bolts to fry everyone as they're huddled inside the chopper. This is a very efficient way to win a fight before it even starts. Then everyone should shoot toward the Blood Hawk's rotor to destroy the chopper before it leaves. This grants bonus experience for the team, and killing five choppers gets you a challenge reward.


Weapon Weapon Effectiveness Tactic
Arcshot Very High Use Charge Bolts to kill groups of enemies inside Blood Hawks before they deploy, and then shoot up toward the rotor to bring the chopper down.
Daybreaker Moderate Shoot toward the rotor and help bring the choppers down. You need other teammates to have a real chance of succeeding before the aircraft flies off.
Dragonfly Low Shoot at the choppers for extra damage. They're large enough enemies that you're not likely to miss.
Grenades Very Low It's better to use ranged weapons.
Guardian Low Blood Hawks are often far enough away that your Guardian attacks won't do much damage to them.
Harbinger High Aim for the rotor.
Magshield Very Low Blood Hawks are often too far away to attack with the shield directly.
Prowler Very Low Blood Hawks are too high up to hit for real damage.
Savager Moderate If you're short on ammo for Xenotech weapons, the Savager adds adequate baseline damage against choppers.
Shattergun Moderate Izzy is decent at crystalizing the enemies inside Blood Hawks before they jump out, but her damage against the aircraft is only moderate.
Warp Rifle Moderate Start a chain reaction inside the Blood Hawk if there are still troops waiting to deploy.


  • Both factions that use Blood Hawk Helicopters have two different shades of color: Green (Raven) and Grey (Order of Grigori).
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