Primary Attack High-Velocity Bolt
Secondary Skill Charge Bolts
Damage +56.5 Damage
Fuse Capacity 25
Appears In Fuse
The Arcshot is a Xenotech weapon used by Jacob Kimble.

This Xenotech assault weapon fires high-velocity bolts armed with Fuse-augmented mercury

Jacob gets the most direct offensive weapon on the team. His Archsot is ideal for sniping, single-target damage, and eventually for taking out groups with his secondary skill. He doesn't get much group utility, but everyone will be more than satisfied with his damage output and ability to thin the enemy ranks.

At close range, Jacob can quickly acquire targets and bring them down. When enemies are farther off, his zoom function brings up a scope that allows for much more accurate firing. Use this to hit distant targets; it's specifically good against enemy Snipers.

Jacob gets a huge boost to damage from the Sniper Team Perk. At level 3 of that perk, he is able to put serious damage on opponents.

Jacob has the most limited supply of Fuse capacity out of the four agents. The Arcshot runs out of ammo quickly, so you need to be sparing with your attacks. Take the extra time to line up those headshots, rather than shooting people in the chest multiple times. This ammo limitation is mitigated if you have teammates with Fuse Hoarder and Fuse Maximizer. If you love playing with the Arcshot and are solo, feel free to build your entire team around Jacob's damage output.

Once Jacob purchases Charge Bolts (often around level 5), he changes from a single-target killer into a more versatile character. He is still a good sniper, but he suddenly gets the ability to bring down groups of enemies as well. Charge Bolts lets you energize Jacob's bolts that are stuck in the walls, floor, or inside your enemies. Use the secondary attack button to do this. This stuns enemies, deals damage to them, and gives everyone time to eliminate the targets with ease. Doing this also grants extra experience.

Though Charge Bolts costs extra Fuse to engage, it's well worth your ammo when there are groups of enemies clustered together. This is even more effective against shielded enemies. Fire behind the group where they aren't shielded, energize, and then kill enemies before they get their shields back in place.

Additional DetailsEdit

Several weapon skins are available in the Campaign and Echelon for the Arcshot. All of which can be purchased with Fuse Credits.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Arcshot is the weapon that changed the least in its design during the transition from Overstrike to Fuse, having the reduction in size of the bow being the only change in apperance. In the Blur Teaser, it was depicted using electricity to pin enemies to walls like its modern version. Because of this it was called, at that time, the Tesla Bow.

  • Jacob holding the Tesla Bow.
  • A troop being hit by a Tesla Bow bolt in the Blur Teaser for Overstrike.

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