Raven Facility


No Honor Among Thieves


After battling the Leadfoot, you'll enter a huge room full of Raven troops. During the firefight, Spec Ops troops will enter from garage doors in the back of the room. After the fight, head back there to find some crates with it on top.




Shifting Allegiances

A Wolf Amongst Sheep is one of the intel found in Raven Facility. It is a letter to an Infiltrator solder by a Leadfoot operator about William Fable's betrayal.

Intel DocumentEdit

To: Ian Brecker, Infiltrator Team 221

From: Roman Morelli, Leadfoot Team 093


If you get this message, you need to alert Deveraux and The Board right now. William Fable is trying to steal the Fuse! The little bastard just gave me the whole song and dance about a bright future with some group he calls "The Order of Grigori." He acted like some kind of secret society, but they sound like a bunch of damn fanatics. I played it cool the whole time and let him think I was interested. Not sure if he bought it though. We need to do something to stop him right now.

I don't know who I can trust, so until I hear back from you I'll continue my partrols as usual. Come and find me as quickly as possible so we can talk about this in person.

Stay safe.