Triton Outpost


And I Gazed Into the Abyss


In the sub bay (the room where you must hold off Raven troops while waiting for the elevator), look to the right of your rally point. It rests atop a desk over here.




Intercepted Chatter

A Shady Character is one of the intel found in Triton Outpost. It is a letter by a Raven soldier to his comrade about confirming his suspicions about William Fable.

Intel DocumentEdit

To: Liam Gregory, Spec Ops Team 7

From: Randal Sharp, Strike Team 118

Re: You were right.

Hey Bud,

I've been thinking a lot about what you said on our way to Hyperion, and I think you're right. Something just doesn't add up about Fable. The guy had a cushy six-figure job with the governement and put it all in jeopardy for one heist? I don't know what The Board paid him, but it couldn't have been worth a lifetime on the run with treason hanging over his head. Deveraux says he was on the hook for taking bribes and used Raven as an exit strategy, but the guy seems too spineless to pull something like that off.

Do me a favor and keep an eye on him when he gets to Sheng Island. I don't know what he's up to, but if someone other than us is working him we need to let the Captains know immediately.