Triton Outpost


Worms in the Apple


Soon after retrieving your weapons, you'll be in a huge room with two turrets. Ascend to the top floor and head to the back right corner from your entrance. In this small room, you can find it in the hands of a dead Raven trooper.




Raven Leadership

A Message to Naya is one of the intels found in Triton Outpost. It is a recording of Luther Deveraux's apology to his only daughter, Naya Deveraux.

Audio LogEdit

Luther: Naya, I can only hope it's you who finds this message. The last time we worked together in Kiev, I said some dreadful things. I was drunk, and angry -- but you should know I didn't mean a word of it. Your mother used to say I was full of "brash words and bad advice." So in case I don't see you again, I want to give you one piece of good advice: get out of this life. Live out your days away from men who find normality in murder. You deserve better. Get outside, look back and you'll see -- the world does not work this way. I love you very much.