Triton Outpost


Worms in the Apple


Proceed forward to the closed door In the cell on the right, it sits on a bunk.




Corrupted Fuse

A Fond Farewell is one of the intel found in Triton Outpost. It is a letter of a male prisoner describing how he was tested with fuse and how much he reacted to all of it.

Intel DocumentEdit

To: ---

From Henry Mathison, Prisoner #7777-RVN4

I'm going to die in here. I've known for a while, but this is the first time I've written it down or spoken it aloud. Just last week I was part of Raven's Infiltrator unit, but when I heard about this insane place involving a raid on a government facility, I decided I couldn't take it anymore. I started to think about my two sisters, Jessica and Victoria. How they could victims of whatever bullshit money grab The Board might have thought up. In the end, the decision to leave was simple. Too bad I wasn't quick enough.

It's funny - I never stopped to think about how wrong we were until I was up to my neck in it. Now I'm stuck here, waiting while they bring back this "Fuse" so I can be turned into some sort of guinea pig. One of the guards gave me this tablet so I could leave one final message before Sovlenko carts me off to the great unknown. So here it is: 

Fuck all of you,


Hank M.